Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mountain Training

Condor Troop - Arbroath 1983
Back Row L to R
????, Dougie Thornborough, Tank Tasker, Gaz Conlin, Andy Whiteside, Andy Wilson,
Sean Hanton, Dave Evans, Martin May, Geordie Purvis.
Middle Row L to R
Masher Manders, Mollie Morrison, Kid Currie, Mac MacFadyen, Harry Harris, Taff Hughes, ????, Taff Roberts, Andy Millar, Jock ???, Sooty White.
Front Row L to R
Fence Saunders, Danny Danenburgesons, Danny Townsley, Harry Harker, Mick Berrill, Mike Carter, Sid Finley, Alan Grace, Marty Grimshaw, Rick Smart, Taff Sandles.

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